11.08.16 GENEVA / Le Grabuge / Shokogun
13.08.16 PORRENTRUY / Les Digitales / Aeroflot + Inflaton
21.08.16 ZURICH / Les Digitales / Aeroflot
22.08.16 GENEVA / Urgence Disk / Aeroflot
27.08.16 LA CHAUX-DE-FOND / Les Digitales / Aeroflot
01.09.16 GENEVA / Ressource Urbaine / Watch Your Back
10.09.16 GENEVA / Bâtie Festival
11.09.16 GENEVA / Bâtie Festival

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Aeroflot Co-Pilots
New album !

more atmospheric than ever ! 21st century trip-hop.

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listen to the album :
Recorded in Bottens (CH) in August 2015
Based on Live Synthesis and Generative / Linear Sequencers

Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL
Mixed by Lionel-D + Alta-Voix

listen to the album :

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POL Hubbub
All tracks produced by POL at Black Bunker studio,
Geneva april 2015hu040 

listen to the album :

watch "Going Clear":

Honda Rio Cedro
Recorded live at Le Saltimbanque, Geneva 21st january 2015

On the caribbean coast of Colombia, in the small town of
Rio Cedro, poetry and electronic soundscape meet and a new
story begins. 

This Sonic Writing project was created byClaudio Alvarez
(words and sounds) and POL (sounds).

"Todo lo que ha traido el mar le pertenece y se lo
lleva cuando quiere"

Very limited edition, 50ex

Check the video :
ROBOR Tuesday Afternoon
Recorded at Black Bunker studio, Geneva 2014

This album was created in accordance to Brian Eno method :
we set-up a generative ever changing soundscape and then
leave the place during the recording.

Very limited edition, 50ex

Check the video :
Aeroflot Co-Pilots
Goodbye Ivan and POL welcome you on the Aeroflot flight to a
far and unknown location. Please check the opposite door but
do not fasten your seat belts..

Fans of Atoms for Peace, Thom
Yorke and Moderat will be familiar with the flight conditions, and
should not experience any motion sickness.

Two experienced copilots manually flying a sweet and ambient
electronica mixed with aerial and hypnotical vocals.
Sunisit Sunisit
All tracks originally composed by POL at Black Bunker studio,
Geneva 2008 except 03 & 06 by POL & METALINA.

All tracks redesigned and re-arranged by POL and LUDAN DROSS
at Black Bunker studio, Geneva 2010.
Produced and mixed by Franz Treichler
at Database 59 studio, Geneva 2012.
Mastered by Clive at VIC20.
Cover design by D. Delcourt / E. Bonnet
Contemporary dance soundtrack

Idea and music : POL
Choreography and dance : Louis-Clément da Costa and JOU
All tracks produced by POL at Black Bunker studio, GVA 2013
Mastered by Clive at VIC20
ROBOR Chill Out revisited
Recorded live at Black Bunker studio, Geneva in may 2013
Thanks : Mass, Marieavril, Fred Post

Very limited edition, 50ex !!
Buy it right now (drop a mail at

"GHOSTAPE and POL propose their own version of the 1990
classic and seminal album by KLF : Chill Out"
Commissioned by MEG-Conches, Geneva
All tracks composed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Recorded at Black Bunker studio, Geneva 2013
Hours of Electronic Improvisation / Sonic Exploration

current projects


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Between a game and a show, PLAY is a piece for two dancers and a musician which is partially re-written during each performance. Indeed as in video-games, the player-performers recompose constantly the space every time, in order to discover new possibilities, immediately followed by new tasks to accomplish. Welcome to a world of very unpredictable geometry.

Live Performance pictures


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The creation Drumming by Numbers from Genevan electronics engineer POL and percussionists from Eklekto is inspired by Steve Reich's famous Drumming (1971). Rather than deliver a reinterpretation of this minimalist African-rhythmed monument, POL opts to sidestep by recreating a collection of repetitive musical phrases and minor variations.

Live Performance pictures


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Appelons-la « space summer music ». L'électronicien originel des YOUNG GODS (CESARE PIZZI alias LUDAN DROSS) et le champion de l'electro-techno sinusoïdale (POL) s'allient pour lancer SUNISIT, fusée electro-dub-funky à trois étages. Frontman-chamane des mêmes Gods, FRANZ TREICHLER mixe et produit le premier album du duo. Si un soleil baléarique se levait dans l'espace profond, SUNISIT en serait assurément la bande son.

Live Performance pictures


AEROFLOT vous convie à son vol inaugural ! Une electronica fine et planante pour un décollage en douceur piloté par deux aviateurs chevronnés. Destination : inconnue. Nous volerons à une vitesse moyenne plutôt basse, très peu de perturbations sont à prévoir. Enjoy your flight !
AEROFLOT is : Goodbye Ivan + POL

2nd album out now !



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POL et GHOSTAPE unissent leurs forces dans le duo d'improvisation électronique libre ROBOR. Leurs instruments changent à chaque performance, mais ils aiment particulièrement la rencontre entre les vieux synthétiseurs et les technologies modernes. Une esthétique minimale et fascinante. Attention ! Leur collaboration entraine de sérieux risques d'envolées psychédéliques.

Live Performance pictures


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Issu d'une commande de l'ELECTRON FESTIVAL 2009, le projet POL vs SOPHIE WATKINS revient dopé par 4 années de productions et de tournées des deux dangereux acolytes. ATTENTION : l'auditeur peut souffrir de delirium !

Live Performance pictures


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Inspiré par les différents mouvements naissants de guérilla potagère à travers le monde, LE POTAGER SONORE est une installation sonore dans un jardin potager urbain. POL est un compositeur de musique électronique travaillant à Genève depuis 20 ans. Ses créations musicales sont le reflet de ses inquiétudes face au climat social actuel.

TV interview


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Crée pour le Festival ANTIGEL, Autoradio Orchestra est une installation sonore pour 40 voitures.

Live Performance pictures


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Electronic music producer since the dawn of the nineties, nested between the persistant hammering of an electro dancefloor and the dark backstages of the post-industrial civilisation, POL infiltrates his music into our world by every mean. At the decks or performing live, we follow his footprints from the techno underworld of Geneva to the clubs of the planet.

Live Performance pictures

Fortuna and Asia Argento live


venue : Reka Club, Moscow
music : Fortuna
video : POL


POL tension new album on Urgence Disk Kab 098 TENSION
cd Urgence Disk 2011 Kab098

New album out now !

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